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Nelson Lakes National Park

South Island - New Zealand


New Zealand, and in particular the Marlborough region boast some of the finest animals and hunting country in the world, coupled with scenery and an ambiance you have to experience to believe. New Zealand is a must for all hunters.

Red deer, chamois, wild boar and more all flourish in the wilderness that surrounds the region, hunting these species in New Zealand is a unique experience, one that will challenge and reward you as has a hunter.

We have the good fortune of accessing quality animals in the rut and trophy trout fishing at the same time of year (March – mid May), all in the local area making the trophy ‘fish/hunt’ trip of your dreams very possible.

We only hunt free-range animals. Private land hunts are fully catered and typically target trophy Marlborough Red Stag. Chamois and Tahr are found high in the alpine zone and require the heli/camping out form of hunting which adds to the adventure and reward.

Head guide, Jonathan Greensmith with 25 years hunting experience in the South Isalnds mountains, knows these witted games species intimately. We are passionate about what we do, this is reflected in our tireless enthusiasm, energy and calmness when it counts.

Available species to hunt: Red deer, Chamois, Tahr, Wild boar, Goat & Ram.

John Gendall Fishing and Hunting can organize the hunting experience you’re after, attention to detail, safety, quality equipment and authentic hunts are our priority.

Please enquire and I’ll be more than happy to discuss all the options in more detail and put you’re package together.

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